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Why your next car should be an electric vehicle

drawing of dollar signs in pocket Put money back in your pocket
Electricity is cheaper than gasoline per mile. And fewer moving parts mean less maintenance and repairs, saving you money to spend on the things that matter most to you.
American flag and electric plug Fuel up the American way
Help reduce foreign oil consumption by switching to vehicles fueled by electricity, which is made largely from domestic sources of energy.
Graphic of sillouette of Florida, sun and palm tree Help preserve Florida's natural beauty
Going electric helps preserve Florida's environment now and for the future.
Graphic of car plugged into a house Enjoy the ultimate convenience
Fuel your car at the most convenient place of all—your home! This means more time spent doing what you enjoy
Graphic of arrow pointing up Be an innovator
Lead the way, showcasing the latest in electric vehicle technologies with a quick, smooth and quiet ride, advanced displays and sophisticated vehicle applications.

News & Events



  • Drive Electric Florida will be in Tallahassee on February 8, 2017 to host a lobbying summit in preparation for the 2017 legislative session.

  • Florida now has over 19,000 Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) registered across the state!


Find a charging station near you, text and icon. Did you know? Most people drive less than 40 miles per day – will withing the range of today's electric vehicles.
U.S. Department of Energy Workplace Charging Challenge